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29 Oct 2019
18 Jul 2023

Как выбрать крем для жирной кожи?

Как выбрать крем для жирной кожи? На крем для лица каждая женщина возлагает серьезные надежды. Хочется, чтобы он гарантированно избавил от существующих проблем и помог предотвратить появление новых. Для каждого типа кожи рекомендуется использовать свой крем. Сегодня расскажем, как правильно выбрать крем обладательницам жирной кожи...

30 Nov 2021

Продукция LIMONI снова удостоена премии Glamour. И даже не одной!

Best of Beauty – 2021: Glamour оценил по достоинству средства от LIMONI. В номинации лучшее средство для глаз победили тканевые патчи LIMONI Collagen Booster Lifting Eye Patches. В комментариях к средству редакторы обратили внимание, что их менеджер в ожидании ребёнка начала жаловаться на отёки по утрам. Они отправили наши патчи, и спустя месяц в...

25 Dec 2020

Limoni Sponge - Glamor Best of Beauty 2020 Winner

The extra soft Blender Makeup Sponge with a basket is the winner of Glamor's annual Best of Beauty 2020 in the Tools category. The set with the sponge contains an innovative storage basket that can be attached to a vertical or horizontal surface and allows you to multiply the useful life of the accessory due to proper storage.

19 Mar 2020

Is your skin dry or dehydrated? There is a big difference!

What do you do when you feel dry skin? Looking for care for dry skin? Have you ever thought about the fact that the skin may not be dry, but dehydrated? There is a big difference between the two, even though the sensations are similar. This is tightness, some itching, heightened sensitivity, peeling and dull complexion are observed. In this article,...

11 Feb 2020

Makeup Guide: Everything About Cloth Masks

We put the skin under constant stress. Daily makeup, busy schedule, unfavorable environment, lack of sleep or sleepless nights negatively affect the appearance. A sheet mask comes to the rescue - this is an express care that helps to intensively moisturize and restore dehydrated skin, restore its radiance. Cloth mask - a napkin impregnated with...

06 Feb 2020

5 reasons why BB creams are so popular

One of the best discoveries in the world of cosmetics that Korea has given to the world is BB cream. This unique product acts as a complete substitute for five to six skincare and toning agents applied simultaneously to the face. The peculiarity of the cream is that it moisturizes and soothes the skin, while masking its imperfections. The BB prefix...

17 Jan 2020

Why is Korean cosmetics popular?

Is it just fashion? There is an opinion that Korean cosmetics outperform European ones at a lower price. This information is published by sites selling inexpensive cosmetics from Korea. Many believe that this is just a fashion that will soon pass. Secret of success We assure you that this is not at all the case. Or rather, not quite so. Women...

21 Dec 2019

Essence or emulsion for the face: what's the difference?

We are often asked: what is the difference between essence and emulsion? Can these tools be used together or separately? Why do you need both in one line of care products? Korean care system These wonderful skin care products come to us from Korea, where women actively use both essence and emulsion. These products are included in the so-called...

31 Aug 2019
bb cream

Top 4 products from Korea that conquered the whole world

The beauty and eternal youth of South Korean girls amazes the whole world. And the point is not at all in the peculiarities of the climate, but in the approach to daily care. Korean women use up to 18 products daily and are very careful in choosing care - only natural composition and high efficiency are important. The chief technologist of...

31 Jul 2019

Glycolic Peeling with Apple Peeling Gel

Glycolic acid is often used in cosmetics. LIMONI Amazing Apple Facial Peeling Gel also contains it. Surely, many of you have heard about the unique properties of our today's heroine. Introducing Glycolic Acid Glycolic acid is of plant origin and is mainly produced from sugar cane. Synthetically produced glycolic acid is also found. At the same...

31 May 2019

How to keep makeup in summer

In the heat, you want to use decorative cosmetics as little as possible, but for various reasons, girls have to do it. And to keep your makeup looking good on a hot day and not blurring, we want to share some tips. Yes Matting napkins. They will help remove oily shine, instantly mattifying the skin and give it a fresher look. Try Limoni Matte...

01 Apr 2019

The pace of the metropolis: where the fashion for comfortable cosmetics came from

The pace of modern life forces us to be constantly on the move and finding a couple of hours to apply a complex make-up for a modern woman is not so easy. LIMONI is in a hurry to understand the trends for convenient cosmetics and life hacks for applying makeup "on the go"! A little about high fashion The modern beauty world is truly split in...

31 Mar 2019

Best makeup brushes

LIMONI presents to your attention new makeup brushes. Five must-have makeup brushes. Thanks to good quality brushes, you can make the process of applying makeup much easier, more interesting and more varied. Beveled brush for face contour correction No44 A brush made of natural goat hair is intended for modeling the oval of the face. The black...

31 Jan 2019

Matting wipes: shine under control!

Shine under control! An absolute must-have for every girl is matting napkins. Made from highly absorbent natural wood pulp, these small leaves will help maintain your flawless matte T-zone skin tone all day long. LIMONI matting wipes can be a real salvation for girls with oily skin. And in the summertime, even owners of dry skin use this cosmetic...

31 Oct 2018

Long-lasting, liquid, matte! New Lipstick from Limoni

Matte lipsticks have been favorites for several seasons. Therefore, almost every girl has such cosmetic products in her cosmetic bag. Liquid lipsticks with a creamy texture are very popular. The handy soft applicator makes them easy to apply. It is liquid lipsticks that are considered more stable. They are great for girls who do not have the opportunity...

01 Oct 2018


No, this is not jargon and not even a command for a dog, this is a new trend in makeup. What's new? This is a well forgotten old one, but only slightly altered. Back in the seventies, make-up artist Wei Bendy, who worked with such singers as Sher and Madonna, used this type of makeup. By the way, a whole chapter was devoted to draping in the “Designing...

01 Jul 2018

How to use concealer

Meet the new LIMONI liquid concealer! Skin liquid concealer is formulated with high quality mineral ingredients and has a delicate creamy texture. The oligoelements included in the composition help to enhance the radiance of the skin and activate microcirculation, a complex of minerals contributes to natural protection from UV radiation, and...

31 May 2018

Eyebrow pencil Brow Perfector

LIMONI presents to your attention the BROW PERFECTOR SCULPTING PENCIL Eyebrows - the basis of makeup Makeup artists say that eyebrows are to a face the same as a picture frame. The eyebrow pencil has the unique ability to make the look expressive even in the absence of makeup. A high-quality pencil will help to give the eyebrows correct and...

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