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29 Oct 2019

Тренды в макияже 2024 года

Как ухаживать за зрелой кожей?

Секреты красоты корейских женщин: вы будете в шоке

06 Dec 2023

Правила ухода за лицом для мужчин

Как сохранить выработку коллагена в коже?

Что будет, если умываться обычным мылом?

Как выбрать крем для жирной кожи?

Как выбрать крем для жирной кожи? На крем для лица каждая женщина возлагает серьезные надежды. Хочется, чтобы он гарантированно избавил от существующих проблем и помог предотвратить появление новых. Для каждого типа кожи рекомендуется использовать свой крем. Сегодня расскажем, как правильно выбрать крем обладательницам жирной кожи...

19 Mar 2020

Is your skin dry or dehydrated? There is a big difference!

What do you do when you feel dry skin? Looking for care for dry skin? Have you ever thought about the fact that the skin may not be dry, but dehydrated? There is a big difference between the two, even though the sensations are similar. This is tightness, some itching, heightened sensitivity, peeling and dull complexion are observed. In this article,...

06 Feb 2020

5 reasons why BB creams are so popular

One of the best discoveries in the world of cosmetics that Korea has given to the world is BB cream. This unique product acts as a complete substitute for five to six skincare and toning agents applied simultaneously to the face. The peculiarity of the cream is that it moisturizes and soothes the skin, while masking its imperfections. The BB prefix...

21 Dec 2019

Essence or emulsion for the face: what's the difference?

We are often asked: what is the difference between essence and emulsion? Can these tools be used together or separately? Why do you need both in one line of care products? Korean care system These wonderful skin care products come to us from Korea, where women actively use both essence and emulsion. These products are included in the so-called...

31 Aug 2019
bb cream

Top 4 products from Korea that conquered the whole world

The beauty and eternal youth of South Korean girls amazes the whole world. And the point is not at all in the peculiarities of the climate, but in the approach to daily care. Korean women use up to 18 products daily and are very careful in choosing care - only natural composition and high efficiency are important. The chief technologist of...

31 Oct 2017

Water-based varnishes for children. Is it possible to make them completely harmless?

The idea of creating an exclusively children's line of products for the brand of "adult" cosmetics is by no means new in the world of the beauty industry. It is no secret that children make up a significant share of end consumers and the manufacturer is interested in presenting a product in demand for them. LIMONI has not been developing children's...

31 Oct 2017

Korean skin care system

Today, the so-called Korean skin care system is gaining more and more popularity. What is it and why is it called a system. Glowing skin Thanks to her, Korean women have smooth, radiant skin and look very young. Beauties are sure that only clean skin can look perfect, so from an early age they spend a lot of time on this process. For Korean...

Swallow's nest extract in cosmetics

In Korean cosmetics, an ingredient such as a swallow's nest is often used. Many have heard of this, but do not quite understand how the nests can be used to create creams and other products. We would like to tell you about the hydrolyzed extract of the swallow's nest, which is part of one of the Limoni series of cosmetics. It sounds a little strange,...


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