Limoni Smart Eyeliner 01 black, image
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Extreme black eyeliner with a tapered applicator creates thin and thick, straight and curved lines. The comfortable beveled tip will create a dramatic cat-eye look in one stroke. The ultra black pigment of the eyeliner adds depth and expression to the look. Effect: Shining Benefits: •...
A matte, waterproof eyeliner with a rich black pigment for a velvety look. Intense black pigment allows lines to be drawn over the top of the makeup. The ultra soft applicator provides an easy and even glide. The tapered tip creates thin and wide lines and fills the space between the eyelashes....
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Long-lasting felt-tip pen Limoni Silk Easyliner 01 black, image
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Long-lasting, deep black eyeliner for ultra-defined lines. The classic eyeliner with an innovative tip (applicator) creates ultra-fine and straight lines. The smooth glide of the applicator makes it easy and quick to draw arrows. Intense black pigment lasts up to 14 hours without imprinting....
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24h Lacquer Eyeliner - daring hands with lacquer shine! Ultra pigmented eyeliner with incredibly light texture glides over the lid for a radiant line of gloss. Perfect for evening make-up. glossy finish saturated color flexible tip waterproof formula How to use Recommended...
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Limoni Matt Eyeliner 01 black, image
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Matt Eyeliner - liquid velvet before your eyes! The fluid texture of a matte, waterproof, velvet-effect eyeliner creates a long-lasting, clean line. Suitable for creating both a daily look and will add drama to your look. matte finish flexible tip contains vitamin E and aloe vera...
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A long-lasting, deep black lead with a beveled applicator for an expressive look in one stroke. The beveled applicator allows you to create straight lines of various thicknesses, while the intense black pigment of the eyeliner adds brightness and expressiveness to the look. Formula tested...
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