5 reasons why BB creams are so popular

06 Feb 2020

One of the best discoveries in the world of cosmetics that Korea has given to the world is BB cream. This unique product acts as a complete substitute for five to six skincare and toning agents applied simultaneously to the face. The peculiarity of the cream is that it moisturizes and soothes the skin, while masking its imperfections.

The BB prefix has two decoding options - Beauty Balm (beauty balm) and Blemish Balm (balm against imperfections). This name is completely true. Working in several directions at once, the product quickly gives the complexion a blooming appearance.

The first reason for the popularity of BB cream is its multitasking

This product combines the properties of a foundation and a supplementary day cream. It qualitatively transforms the skin, making it perfectly smooth and fresh.

The main functions of BB cream include:

  1. Correction of defects . The product helps to hide hyperemia (redness caused by overflow of blood vessels) of the skin, age spots, freckles, acne, post-acne scars, vascular network, open pores, small scars from prying eyes. The consistency of the cream is thicker than that of a simple foundation. However, it looks completely natural on the face, without creating the effect of a wax mask and skin tightening. To mask defects, it is enough to apply a couple of layers of cream in the problem area and gently blend it with your fingers or a special brush. This versatile product also perfectly evens the complexion, so it can be used as a base for evening or light daily makeup.
  2. Protection against harmful UV radiation . Prolonged exposure to bright sun leads to the destruction of collagen fibers responsible for the elasticity of the dermis. As a result, the skin loses a lot of moisture and wrinkles. The BB cream contains SPF filters that reflect and scatter UV rays. These blockers work on the surface of the skin and therefore do not cause allergic reactions.
  3. Nutrition and hydration of the skin . BB cream takes good care of the skin: softens it, increases elasticity, normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands, eliminates acne and blackheads.

In addition, certain types of BB cream additionally have a rejuvenating effect. Limoni Snail Repair BB Cream is a prime example. Due to the presence of snail mucin in the composition, the agent promotes active regeneration of skin cells, smoothes fine wrinkles. Mucin works as follows:

  • absorbs free radicals that provoke skin aging;
  • normalizes the production of elastin and collagen;
  • moisturizes the skin;
  • relieves irritation and inflammation.

Snail mucus is hypoallergenic, so Snail Repair BB cream can be used even by owners of sensitive skin.

The second reason is the safe composition

Quality Korean BB face creams are very rich and effective yet safe. For example, BB tonal creams from the Snail Repair and Aquamax Moisture series. They do not use alcohols, artificial colors, oils that cause clogging of pores.

They contain a variety of nutrients:

  1. Vitamins A, E, C, stimulating collagen production, providing skin elasticity, slowing down the aging process.
  2. Glycerin that cleanses pores, moisturizes and softens the skin.
  3. Hyaluronic acid, which enhances the natural resistance of the dermis to negative environmental influences.
  4. Panthenol, restoring water-lipid balance, helping to get rid of tightness, peeling, eliminating inflammatory foci.
  5. Allantoin, which helps exfoliate dead skin cells, heals abrasions, wounds and microcracks, inhibits the growth of bacteria.
  6. Arbutin, which brightens the skin and evens out its microrelief.
  7. Mineral pigments for a glowing effect.
  8. Dimethicone, which protects the dermis from fluid loss, ensuring the smoothness of the cream structure.
  9. Sun protection filters that prevent UV rays from reaching the skin.

The third reason is ease of use

This multifunctional product helps to save time on cosmetic procedures. Typically, the face is covered with a moisturizer, followed by a foundation, foundation, and concealer. This is a rather lengthy process.BB cream, on the other hand, allows you to combine all the above actions in one step.

The product can be applied by hand, sponge or brush. When working with a special sponge, the most convenient of which is called a beauty blender , it is pre-moistened in thermal or ordinary water. Application algorithm:

  1. A small amount of cream is applied to the center of the nose and bridge of the nose, chin, forehead, cheekbones and cheeks.
  2. The product is rubbed evenly, moving strictly along the massage lines.
  3. In the area around the eyes, distribution is done with patting movements.
  4. If, after the cream has dried, some defects remain noticeable, they are covered with another layer and rubbed thoroughly in order to achieve an even tone.

As you can see, BB cream is applied in the same way as any foundation. However, the difference in the resulting effect is impressive. Foundation creams disrupt the microcirculation of the skin, which leads to overdrying and heaviness of the face. BB cream does not clog pores and does not interfere with full air exchange. It has a light and soft texture, which means that it will not clog into skin folds when applied. In addition, this universal remedy, unlike foundation, does not melt or spread in hot weather.

The fourth reason - numerous "magic" chips

If you have only heard of BB cream but have never bought it, you should buy it in order to at least try it, since it has amazing advantages that are hard to believe. Moreover, all at the same time:

  1. Rolling resistance even under the influence of external adverse factors (snow, rain, and so on).
  2. Smooth texture that distributes the product evenly over the face.
  3. Lack of stickiness and oiliness.
  4. The presence of pronounced medicinal properties.
  5. Simplicity and ease of application.
  6. Adaptation to any skin tone.
  7. The possibility of layering, if necessary, masking pronounced defects (postoperative marks, dark circles under the eyes, bruises, abrasions).
  8. High degree of protection from direct sunlight.

Reviews for BB cream are only positive. They often call this product "second skin" because it lays flat, without streaks and looks natural on the face, without weighing down the makeup.

The fifth reason is the absence of contraindications for use.

The product is completely safe for health. It does not prevent oxygen from entering the upper layers of the epidermis, does not provoke allergies, does not dry the skin and does not have a comedogenic effect. Accordingly, women of any age can use it.

When properly removed from the skin, it will not cause rashes or irritation. It is advisable to wash off in two stages: with hydrophilic oil and foam. Both of these products are in the Limoni Fresh Skin Cleansing Line. Micellar water or any specialized lotion is also suitable for cleansing the skin.

The use of BB cream is relevant even for girls with clean skin that does not have serious flaws. The purchase of such a product will help not only improve your appearance, but also provide a competent therapeutic effect on the skin.

Which BB cream to choose

Limoni BB cream is objectively the best on the Russian market. For 6 years, he won the recognition of hundreds of thousands of women. Has thousands of positive reviews in all popular online stores such as Wildberries, Ozon, Rive Gauche.

Although everything is very individual and depends on the condition of the skin, Aquamax is lighter and more moisturizing, it is usually chosen at a young age. If you need a denser BB cream that conceals imperfections well and has a rejuvenating effect, Snail Repair is your choice.

Call our consultants or write to the chat, we will be happy to advise and select a tool taking into account individual characteristics. Our task is to help preserve and emphasize your beauty.

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