Top 4 products from Korea that conquered the whole world

31 Aug 2019
bb cream

The beauty and eternal youth of South Korean girls amazes the whole world. And the point is not at all in the peculiarities of the climate, but in the approach to daily care.

Korean women use up to 18 products daily and are very careful in choosing care - only natural composition and high efficiency are important.

The chief technologist of LIMONI, who is responsible for the development of the skincare line together with colleagues from South Korea, recently returned from her trip to this amazing country and compiled for us the top products that have conquered the whole world :)

Ready? Then let's figure out why the departure of this amazing country is so good!

BB creams

It is with BB-creams that the flowering of departures from South Korea is associated. It would seem that this type of care has long become a must-have for every self-respecting girl, but not so long ago, BB creams have not been heard outside of South Korea!

The term BB cream is used to refer to versatile products that hide imperfections and care for the skin at the same time.

BB-cream not only hides all skin imperfections, but also moisturizes it, and also nourishes the substances necessary for recovery, healing minor lesions and inflammations.

Products with snail secretion extract

The love of Koreans for the use of exclusively natural products resulted in the creation of separate lines of care with snail secretion extract.

The snail mucus itself is called mucin and has long been used to give the skin youth and freshness. It is noteworthy that the first mucin-based products were developed in ancient Egypt!

Of course, Koreans could not ignore such a miracle cure, and whole series of care products continue to gain recognition from critics and buyers all over the world!

Products with synthetic snake venom

Means with synthetic snake venom are no less popular. And one should not think that synthetic in this context means ineffective.

LIMONI advocates a cruelty-free approach to the production of cosmetics, and the extraction of natural snake venom often leads to injuries in snakes and generally cannot be considered an acceptable method.

Snake venom has a range of medicinal properties and has long been known as a great skin care product.

Korean cushion

Cushions - the beauty trend of 2018-2019!

Every self-respecting stylist, make-up artist, beauty blogger and just a fan of beauty products has already acquired such a tool for a long time, but what is a cushion?

In fact, in Korea, cushions have been known for over 10 years and have long become a part of everyday life, but in the rest of the world they are only gaining popularity. The cushion itself is an extremely convenient tool for applying makeup - a sponge soaked in tone and hidden in an antibacterial case, a built-in mirror and a special sponge.

The cushion has gained particular popularity for its convenience - the sponge allows you to apply exactly as much product as you need and you can use it literally on the go! Today there is a huge variety of cushons - highlighters, tonalities, eyeliners and much more.


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