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Questions and answers about Limoni cosmetics

What is Limoni?

Limoni is a Russian cosmetics brand that produces decorative cosmetics, skin care products, nail products and varnishes, accessories, professional makeup brushes and perfumes. Founded in 2004. A detailed answer is on a special page: About Limoni cosmetics

Is Limoni Italy or Korea?

Both Italy and Korea. But not only.

A bit of history: The Limoni brand appeared in 2005 as a result of cooperation between the Italian and Russian teams. The first products were decorative cosmetics: pencils, lipstick, varnishes, mascara. All these goods were produced (and many are still produced) in Italy. Over time, the geography of production began to expand (Germany and France were added to Italy), but before the appearance of skin care in our range, it did not go beyond Europe. Why? Because the best decorative cosmetics were produced and produced in Europe. These are the best textures, the most fashionable shades, and excellent quality.

The same answer to the question "why Korea" can be given when it comes to our skincare lines. Korea is a nursing revolution. The best creams, toners, BB creams and other skin care products are made there. LIMONI, true to its principle of "Perfection is available", always offers the best products at the best prices. Therefore, since launching in 2014, our entire Skin Care line has been produced in Korea.

Thus, LIMONI is both Italian and Korean cosmetics at the same time. A rare and very successful combination! Using LIMONI brand products, Russian women receive the best cosmetics that exist, adapted to their needs, and at reasonable prices.

Are Limoni products tested for safety?

Products of the Limoni brand are tested for safety twice, in the country where the cosmetics are produced and in Russia for compliance with the declared tests by the country of origin.

Are Limoni cosmetics tested on animals?

Limoni cosmetics are not tested on animals, but we do not have a separate certificate certifying this. Currently, there are a large number of alternative methods for testing cosmetic products that are considered more effective than testing on animals. These methods are used by our company. All Limoni products are quality tested and have certificates of conformity, which can be found on the website of the Federal Service for Accreditation.

Where are Limoni make-up products manufactured?

Limoni decorative cosmetics are made in Italy, Germany, France, Korea? Russia. You will find exact information about the place of production on the product packaging.

Are there certified Limoni cosmetics on sale?

Yes of course! Product certificates can be found on the Certificates page.

Where are Limoni skin care products manufactured?

Limoni skin care products are developed jointly by Korean and Russian specialists, and produced at the leading cosmetics manufacturers in South Korea, using innovative technologies.

Does Limoni have UV protection creams?

Yes, these are BB creams of the SNAIL REPAIR series with a high degree of protection SPF 32, as well as BB creams from the AQUAMAX series with SPF 25.

How are Limoni skin care products different from other skin care companies?

Limoni Skin Care is a high-quality skin care from Korea, which is based on the cosmetic traditions and features of Asia, innovation and high technology, unique components (snail secretion extract, placental protein, snake venom, etc.). At the same time, they are specially designed for Russian women, taking into account all the features of our skin.

Limoni products are distinguished by their effectiveness, texture, and concentration of ingredients.