Returns and guarantees

We guarantee the quality of the products sold in our online store. If you nevertheless decide to return any of the received goods or the entire order, we have prepared detailed instructions.

What product can be returned

You can return the received product to us in two cases:

  • goods of inadequate quality
  • the product was not in use, the presentation was preserved

How to make a return

To return an order or a separate product, you need:

  • return the order through the Boxberry pickup point if you received the order at this point. There is no shipping fee.
  • bring an order or individual products to one of our branded stores
  • send a parcel by Russian Post to our address indicated on the "Contacts" page.

Please attach a letter - a claim in any form, in which you indicate the reason for the return, your contact information and order number.

How to get money back

We will refund your money within 10 working days after we receive the goods of proper quality from you, or after the examination of the goods of inadequate quality by the Quality Department of our company.

Will the money be returned for the postage

If goods are returned of proper quality, the postage is not refundable. If the goods are of inadequate quality, we will reimburse the buyer for all shipping costs.

The full text of the public offer can be read here: Public offer