How to use concealer

01 Jul 2018

Meet the new LIMONI liquid concealer!

Skin liquid concealer is formulated with high quality mineral ingredients and has a delicate creamy texture. The oligoelements included in the composition help to enhance the radiance of the skin and activate microcirculation, a complex of minerals contributes to natural protection from UV radiation, and vitamin E has an antioxidant effect and perfectly moisturizes the skin.

Concealer history

Oddly enough, but the first concealer appeared back in 1928. Lydia O'Leary was very worried about the large birthmark on her face. As an artist and chemist, she came up with the concealer, which is the progenitor of modern concealers. A little later, Elena Rubinstein came up with a remedy that masked burns, and in 1954 Max Factor introduced the first concealer, which was very popular with Hollywood stars.

How to use

So what is concealer for? Many people know that it perfectly masks bruises under the eyes, but not many know that concealer has much more options. With its help, you can mask pimples, fine wrinkles, toned spider veins and even out complexion. Concealer is often confused with a concealer. Of course, both of these tools are similar and perform similar functions. But there is still a difference between them. Concealer is usually lighter in texture. While the concealer can be pink, green, pink and other shades, the concealer is always done in nude shades. For example, Skin liquid concealer comes in four shades from lightest to darkest. Therefore, each girl will choose the perfect shade for herself.

Concealer or concealer?

Concealers are usually applied pointwise to problem areas of the skin (acne, pimples, etc.), while concealer can be used on a larger area of the face. In addition, concealer can act as a sculptor. Therefore, if you bought a product, and it is either too light or too dark, do not rush to get discouraged. Use a lighter shade to lighten specific areas, and a dark shade to darken specific areas of the face. And remember: the concealer is applied under the foundation, and the concealer is applied over the foundation.


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