Swallow's nest extract in cosmetics

01 May 2017

In Korean cosmetics, an ingredient such as a swallow's nest is often used. Many have heard of this, but do not quite understand how the nests can be used to create creams and other products. We would like to tell you about the hydrolyzed extract of the swallow's nest, which is part of one of the Limoni series of cosmetics.

It sounds a little strange, but this ingredient has long been used in oriental medicine and cosmetology. But not known to us nests of swallows are used for this, but nests of swifts of the Salangan species. They live exclusively in Southeast Asia, on the shores of the South China Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Their nests are considered one of the most effective remedies for rejuvenation. We will not go into details about how the soup is made from the nests and how they are used in medicine. We are interested in how this works in cosmetology and, in particular, in creams.

We all know that the swallows that live in our country make their homes from clay and twigs. Swift swifts, however, create them from their own saliva. When solidified, saliva turns into a brownish crust. The most valuable nests are built by the gray swiftlet, they are white without any impurities. Swallow's nests are a product rich in micro and macro elements. The most important component of the swallow's nest is the glycoprotein biomolecule, which combines carbohydrate and protein. In addition, the extract contains such important substances as phosphorus, iron, calcium, iodine.

What effect does swallow's nest extract have on the skin?

Micro and macro elements perfectly moisturize and nourish the skin, stimulate the regeneration of skin cells. The skin becomes more elastic and taut, radiant and healthier in appearance. Swallow's nest extract is part of the Limoni Premium Syn-Ake series.

What type of skin are cosmetics suitable for?

In cosmetology, swallow's nest extract is used to create creams, tonics, masks and other skin care products. This cosmetics is suitable for all skin types. Since the products have a pronounced lifting effect, they are recommended to be used when the first signs of aging appear. However, thanks to the rich complex of minerals and vitamins, cosmetics can be used at any age so that the skin looks and feels great.

How the valuable extract of the swallow's nest is obtained

Salangan live in caves and grottoes, so hunting for their nests is dangerous and difficult. People who dig for nests must be not only courageous, but also physically strong and agile. After all, they often have to climb steep cliffs or tall bamboo forests. Therefore, the price for this product is high. These birds are so shy that, if they are carelessly prey, they can leave the nesting place forever. The largest place for the extraction of quality nests is Vietnam, Khanh Hoa province. (Although, every country where this product is mined considers itself the largest producer of the best nests in the world). Here, all caves where swallows nest naturally are carefully guarded. In addition, the province is actively developing the cultivation of swallows at home. This is not only safe, but will also help to avoid extinction of this species in the future. Swift farms are also common in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.


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