Korean skin care system

31 Oct 2017

Today, the so-called Korean skin care system is gaining more and more popularity. What is it and why is it called a system.

Glowing skin

Thanks to her, Korean women have smooth, radiant skin and look very young. Beauties are sure that only clean skin can look perfect, so from an early age they spend a lot of time on this process. For Korean women, washing is not just a daily routine, but a real ritual. Unlike Russian and European women, Korean ladies prefer not to mask skin imperfections, but to fight them.

Korean care products

Russian women are often surprised why there are so many similar products for skin cleansing in Korean cosmetics, many cannot decide what to buy. The secret is simple - the phased use of all funds. Moreover, Korean women do it not only in the evening, but also in the morning. Not a single self-respecting beauty will apply decorative cosmetics on the skin without first cleaning and preparing it. The morning ritual differs from the evening ritual only in that you do not have to remove makeup. Foams, essences, toners, emulsions and creams can give your skin a radiant, healthy look. Therefore, many Korean women often leave the house without makeup and look great while doing it.

Some procedures need to be done daily, while others should be done several times a week. Let's take a closer look at the skin care system, we are sure that many Russian women will be happy to follow it, especially when they see the results.

Evening skin care option

There are a lot of cosmetics manufacturers in Korea. High competition encourages manufacturing firms to look for new solutions, present bold innovative products that show good results. Many women already know about this system and even use it with pleasure. Therefore, estatya will be of interest to those who either have not heard about Korean care or are just going to try it. Let's take a look at evening skincare as it involves removing makeup.

Hydrophilic oil

To remove makeup, Korean women use hydrophilic oil, developed by Korean scientists. This unique product is able to remove even the most persistent makeup without leaving any residue. Apply oil to dry skin with dry fingers. Lightly massage your face, you will immediately see the result - decorative cosmetics literally dissolve. Then add a little water and massage again, while the hydrophilic oil turns into a light emulsion. Only then rinse everything off with warm water. It does not leave a greasy film and at the same time softens the action of hard water. Many would have stopped there. But not Korean beauties. After all, in this way they only washed off the cosmetics))

Foam for washing

This is followed by the use of foam for washing. Korean women whip the product into a thick foam and only then apply it to the face. Thus, the foam is saturated with oxygen and better cleanses the deeper layers of the skin and removes the remains of hydrophilic oil.

Scrub or exfoliation

Scrub or peeling gel. In Korea, they came up with a wonderful scrub - roll, which very gently removes impurities without damaging the skin. After applying, wait a couple of minutes, and then just gently rub your face with your fingertips. The product will roll into small cellulose balls, which will remove particles of keratinized skin. The procedure should be carried out no more than two to three times a week.

Moisturizing. Toner or toner?

Koreans are very sensitive to skin hydration. Therefore, be sure to use toners or tonics. Russian women often use this cleanser. But Asians apply them with their fingertips and in no case with a cotton pad. Toners perfectly retain moisture, remove the feeling of tightness after washing, even out skin tone and improve the penetration of the serum and cream applied after washing.

Immediately after the toner, the Korean women apply the essence to the skin. The product has a light texture and penetrates into the deep layers of the skin due to the content of high molecular weight acids.


The next step is to apply the serum. These cosmetics contain a high concentration of active substances. Serums can solve different problems - fight acne and post acne, rashes. They moisturize and smooth wrinkles. You can use different serums and they will complement each other. Due to their high concentration, products are usually sold in small vials with a pipette. To use, place a few drops on your fingertips and massage gently into the skin. It is advisable to let the serum soak for about ten minutes and only then apply a moisturizer. Then apply a moisturizer to your eyelids. Moreover, you can do this even at a young age. After all, the area around the eyes needs waspsabout gentle care, wrinkles appear here first of all.

And finally - Korean face cream

After that, you can finally use a face cream. And Korean women are very fond of moisturizing their skin with all kinds of masks, especially fabric masks.

Where to find so much time?

This approach to grooming can scare Russian women. Of course, so much time is just for cleansing and moisturizing. But, look at Korean women. Indeed, even in old age, they look very young, and many young girls can envy their skin. The Korean skin care system has practically no contraindications, since each product is selected individually. You can safely combine care products from different series presented on our website. In general, in Korean cosmetics there is no such thing as products for a certain age, which is very convenient. Everything suits you!


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