Makeup Guide: Everything About Cloth Masks

11 Feb 2020

We put the skin under constant stress. Daily makeup, busy schedule, unfavorable environment, lack of sleep or sleepless nights negatively affect the appearance. A sheet mask comes to the rescue - this is an express care that helps to intensively moisturize and restore dehydrated skin, restore its radiance.

Cloth mask - a napkin impregnated with serum or hydrogel made of cotton fabric, cellulose or a special substance - area. It has characteristic holes under the eyes, nose and lips. A lot of masks are produced, they differ in a unique composition, and these will definitely be useful ingredients (peptides, vitamins, snail secretion, gold, hyaluronic acid, etc.). Sold in sealed packaging, which helps to maintain the beneficial properties of the impregnation.

This effective product is very popular due to the fact that it properly cares for the skin. Dermatological studies have proven that fabric masks:

  • More effective than conventional products.
  • Enhances the effect of moisturizing creams.
  • They have a cumulative effect.

Anyone who wants to emphasize their attractiveness should use fabric masks! This is a real lifesaver that will quickly put your skin in order on the eve of important events. One product is designed for one application. When used, the mask adheres well to the skin, and the active ingredients begin to act instantly.

The fair sex noted the ease of use, since after applying the mask, you do not need to wash. Miracle masks can be used not only at home and on vacation, but also while driving, when you go to work, an important meeting, a social event or a romantic date. The most courageous people wear them on the plane, on the train, in the subway. We do not recommend doing this, because you need to remember to cleanse your skin before using, at least with improvised means, and outside the home it is not always easy.

Korean cloth masks

There are quite a few fans of Korean cosmetics in the world, and this is justified. Asian beauties look young even in adulthood, because they thoroughly approach skin care. Masks from South Korea can do a lot. They have become a real discovery in the field of cosmetology. The unique composition of the products will instantly transform the skin, restore metabolic processes, make the face soft and velvety. It only takes you 15-20 minutes to look fresher and more rested. The main thing is to choose the right product, taking into account the condition of the skin.

Korean-made cloth face masks are popular with women of all ages because they:

  • Moisturizes and hydrates quickly.
  • Will have a tonic effect.
  • Refresh, eliminate dullness and fatigue.
  • Improve skin structure, increase elasticity and firmness.
  • They will normalize blood microcirculation, protect against free radicals.
  • Matt, even out the color.
  • Smooth the skin, tighten the oval of the face.
  • Cleanses and soothes the skin.
  • Eliminate flaking and dryness. No tightness!
  • They will start the process of cell renewal.

There are many brands in Russia that produce first-class masks, one of which is Limoni.

Real reviews on fabric masks confirm their effectiveness. A fan of Korean products Limoni shared her impressions on the website "An effective lifting mask pleases with the result. I note the ease of application. The cosmetics smell great, amazed by the absence of unpleasant sensations. As a result, the skin is soft, velvety, no shrinkage, this is just an amazing result! ".

Composition of masks

Korean disposable fabric masks are characterized by a natural composition. They do not contain harmful components that are added by the manufacturers of conventional masks to exclude the evaporation of nutrients. The result obtained depends on the quality of the constituent elements, therefore, the more useful ingredients, the higher the miraculous effect.

The main components that make up them:

  • Snail mucin - renews and moisturizes. Helps smooth and soften skin. With the help of a mask with snail secretion, your face will become radiant!
  • Lactic acid is a great option for sensitive skin. Heals wounds, restores elasticity, gently cleanses and moisturizes.
  • Colloidal gold - nourishes and nourishes, tightens the oval of the face. Masks with gold have a noticeable rejuvenating effect and eliminate flabbiness!
  • Collagen - Helps moisturize dry and dehydrated skin. The collagen mask will increase elasticity, give smoothness, even out the relief, smooth out fine wrinkles (expression, age).
  • Vitamin C - perfectly eliminates fatigue and protectsitching from the appearance of age spots in the future. Effectively brightens, activates metabolic processes. Thanks to this mask, the skin will be fresh and radiant.
  • Snake Venom (Syn-Ake) is a powerful ingredient that rejuvenates and smoothes the skin. The effectiveness of the component is put on the same level as the Botox injection. Thanks to the serum with snake venom, deep wrinkles will be less noticeable, and small ones will disappear.
  • Hyaluronic acid is valuable in itself as an excellent moisturizer and enhances the action of auxiliary elements. The mask with "hyaluronic" will maximize moisturizing and softness.
  • Tea tree oil - the beneficial properties of the ingredient will be appreciated by owners of sensitive skin who want to achieve a healthy complexion. Masks will eliminate oily sheen, soothe and soften the skin, relieve inflammation and irritation.
  • EGF is an epidermal growth factor that helps manage the aging process. It has a rejuvenating effect, evens out and improves color, restores structure, brightens pigmentation.
  • Pearl powder - suitable for those who fight inflammation, want to achieve an even tone, refresh the face and give a natural glow. The component restores water balance, stimulates blood circulation, makes the skin elastic and matte, and lightens age spots.
  • Aloe vera - the component will be a salvation for the owners of sensitive and problem skin. Remarkably removes dehydration, reduces inflammation. Regenerates the skin, protects it from the aggressive effects of the external environment.
  • Green tea is perfect for girls who are tired of fighting oily sheen, inflammation and acne. Masks with this component soothe and heal the epidermis, cleanse and tighten pores, improve and even out the color.
  • Coenzyme Q10 is indispensable for older women. The active ingredient fights fading, smoothes fine wrinkles, nourishes and moisturizes. After the first application, you will notice that the skin becomes fresh, smooth and soft.

These are the most common ingredients. The mask may also contain other useful components - glycerin, various oils (shea, avocado, macadamia, damask rose), plant extracts (calendula, chamomile, algae), urea, peptides, amino acids, glucosamine, niacinamide, adenosine, vitamins A, B and others.

How to Choose a Cloth Mask?

When choosing, be guided by its composition and purpose. There is a wide variety of masks on the market, and each one addresses specific problems. Depending on the needs of the skin, there are several types:

  • Moisturizers are a great solution for dry and flabby skin! Most often they are hydrogel. Look for hyaluronic acid (such as Limoni Hyaluronic mask), collagen or ceramides in their composition. If you feel a lack of moisture, and the makeup does not fit well, 15 minutes of using the mask will be enough to eliminate the existing problems. They effectively fight flaking.
  • Calming . Owners of problematic and irritated skin appreciated the effect of masks soaked in tea tree oil, amino acids, herbs and aloe vera. They reduce pore size, redness, inflammation and breakouts.
  • Whitening brighteners restore the radiance of the skin! They come to the aid of women who are worried about pigmentation. Masks with vitamin C, pearl powder and arbutin affect the production of melanin. They even out skin tone well and help to lighten unwanted age spots.
  • Anti-aging . Such masks perfectly nourish, moisturize and tone up. The snail mucin as in the Limoni Snail Intense mask contains fatty acids, coenzyme Q10, peptides (such as snake venom) and adenosine. The best solution for those who struggle intensively with wilting and flabbiness.
  • Matting . For owners of oily skin, it is worth choosing masks that contain zinc, green tea, amino acids. Such a mask will harmlessly dry the skin and get rid of oily sheen.
  • Anti-aging with lifting effect. Ideal for girls who are worried about the first wrinkles. Are you looking for collagen in the composition? as in the Limoni Collagen mask.

Choose a product based on the time of year. In summer, opt for masks that refresh, cleanse and relieve inflammation. In winter, opt for nourishing and moisturizing products.

Secrets of use

ByCloth face masks lovers appreciate the ease of use. It is enough to evenly distribute it over the face and gently smooth it out. Better yet, lie down and plunge into a relaxing nap. In just 10-15 minutes, your skin will look great!

The mask will have the correct effect if the following recommendations are followed:

  • Pre-cleanse the skin. Before using the mask, you need to wash off the makeup. Wash with a cleansing foam such as Limoni Fresh Skin to remove makeup and impurities. You can use a scrub or peeling. The skin must be clean!
  • Observe the recommended usage times. The mask should not be left on the face for more than 20 minutes, otherwise you can achieve the opposite effect - dry the skin and cause unwanted irritation.
  • Do not remove the remaining essence. After applying the mask, you do not need to wash or dry your face. Spread the rest over your face with light movements of your fingertips. Optionally, you can distribute the product along the massage lines of the neck and décolleté.

The mask is recommended to be applied 1-2 times a week. It would be enough!


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