How to keep makeup in summer

31 May 2019

In the heat, you want to use decorative cosmetics as little as possible, but for various reasons, girls have to do it. And to keep your makeup looking good on a hot day and not blurring, we want to share some tips.


  1. Matting napkins. They will help remove oily shine, instantly mattifying the skin and give it a fresher look. Try Limoni Matte Blotting Papers. Their compact size makes them easy to carry with you.
  2. Use a sponge or brush instead of using your fingers.
  3. BB cream with sunscreen and waterproof powder on top. AQUAMAX MOISTURE BB CREAM not only hides skin imperfections, but also perfectly moisturizes it.
  4. Base under the shade. Using a base under the eyeshadow allows you to achieve long-lasting makeup all day long, prevents rolling. If you don't have a foundation, use a waterproof powder. The Eye Shadow Base allows you to achieve long-lasting makeup all day long
  5. For oily skin, the ideal mineral powder has antiseptic and absorbent properties.
  6. Loose powder. In hot weather, powder adheres better to the skin than cream.
  7. Lip gloss and matte lipstick. They last longer and do not float.
  8. Waterproof mascara, pencil and eyeliner. These products do not run or cause irritation. In addition, you can swim with them.


  1. Lip glosses with bright shimmery particles not only float the fastest, but also add unnecessary extra shine to the skin.
  2. Powder a damp face without blotting out excess grease and sweat.
  3. Dark eyeshadow. If they roll off, it is very noticeable and looks sloppy.
  4. Cream eyeshadow. In the heat, they will smear, gather in a fold and creep to the sides.
  5. Renew spoiled makeup. The makeup layer on your skin will be twice as thick.
  6. Foundation. In the heat, it not only looks ugly, but also clogs the pores. This can cause irritation and acne.

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