01 Oct 2018

No, this is not jargon and not even a command for a dog, this is a new trend in makeup. What's new? This is a well forgotten old one, but only slightly altered. Back in the seventies, make-up artist Wei Bendy, who worked with such singers as Sher and Madonna, used this type of makeup. By the way, a whole chapter was devoted to draping in the “Designing Your Face” makeup guide. Later, the fashion for more natural makeup came and this technique was forgotten.

Unusual use of blush

Draping came up with, or rather, revived Marc Jacobs, who suggested using blush in a somewhat unusual way. He released a collection of two-tone blush, although you can use absolutely any to create a stylish look. The main thing is not to resort to the help of very bright, flashy shades. For dripping, you need delicate shades of beige and pink, dusty pink and peach. So what is dripping? This is a technique for sculpting the face using blush, not dark powder. But, as in everything, a sense of proportion must be observed here. And it will turn out as in the famous fairy tale "No, not a princess - princess" with unnatural bright funny cheeks.

To create a fresh look, you only need a few products: powder, highlighter and blush in two tones - lighter and darker.

And, of course, brushes, where can we go without them. You will need the following brushes:

  • Soft bristle powder brush
  • Angled Blush Brush

The main difference between draping and sculpting is that only the cheekbones are involved. Unlike sculpture, where the entire face is subjected to large-scale architectural alterations.

Remember: owners of oily and combination skin are better off using dry textures to avoid the "oily pancake on the face" effect. But for girls with dry skin, creamy textures are more suitable.

Draping technique:

  1. Lightly powder the cheeks and cheekbones with a fluffy brush. This will help you to apply the blush correctly so that it does not turn out to be Marfusha.
  2. Using a beveled brush, apply a dark shade of blush along the cheekbone, diagonally from the ear to the middle of the cheek.
  3. Apply a lighter shade of blush as usual to the apples of your cheeks. If you do not know where exactly they are - smile. Touch the protruding part with the brush.
  4. Put some light blush on the whiskey too. This will make your face look fresher and more radiant.
  5. Highlight the protruding bone under the eyes to make the face more sculpted.



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