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31 Aug 2017

Summer is coming to an end and women of fashion are already wondering what will be fashionable in the Autumn-Winter 2017 season. The new season promises to be bright. In autumn and winter, we focus on the face.

Along with natural nude makeup, which is not the first season in the trend, rich black shades, juicy arrows and bright lips burst into autumn. Fans of bright and non-standard makeup will undoubtedly be happy about this. But lovers of minimalism shouldn't be discouraged - nude is still in vogue. Minimum makeup, maximum naturalness - you are irresistible.

Black is fashionable

If you love black eyeliners, black eyeliners and black mascara, know that next season you will be at the height of fashion. If not, then hurry to the cosmetics stores and get a couple of products. There are never many shooters, so we draw a lot of them and with pleasure. If you still do not decide on such a bright image or do not like black color, you can limit yourself only to eyeliner or blend a pencil, which will also look stylish.

To create this look, you can use LIMONI eyeliner and Volume up mascara in shade 01 charcoal black. If you don't like eyeliner, use our pencil.

Black and red

Do not be afraid to use bright shades in your makeup, the combination of red and black looks especially impressive. A very interesting version of this makeup was shown at the Alberta Ferretti show. Don't be afraid to use bright colors in your makeup and you won't go unnoticed. Black rich arrows will perfectly match bright red lipstick.

Long fluffy eyelashes a la Spider legs

Long, almost doll-like eyelashes, which became fashionable in the 2016 season, are again at the peak of popularity. In addition to fake lash effect mascara, use small fake lashes. In the coming season, it is permissible to add false eyelashes not only to the upper eyelid, but also to the lower eyelid, thus, the look will become more expressive. You will definitely draw attention to your eyes. Do not be afraid to use colored mascara, it will also look stylish and unusual.

Lip imperfection

In the fall-winter 2017 season, lips with the effect of smeared lipstick, or, if you prefer, kissed lips, will come into fashion. To look trendy, simply smudge the lipstick on your lips with your fingers. And the most relevant color of the season is cherry and all its shades. In the LIMONI lipstick palette you will find the most fashionable shades.

Natural eyebrows

This year, at many fashion shows, it was seen that makeup artists left eyebrows, even for fair girls, not drawn. In many shows, makeup artists even lightened the eyebrows to accentuate the eyes. For a natural looking brow, use LIMONI Brow Gel

Pale pink shades

For those who do not like bright colors and rich makeup, the trend of the upcoming season - makeup in soft pink tones - will be to the taste. Moreover, you can give preference to only one color. An elegant everyday make-up with eyeshadow, blush and pink lipstick to highlight your delicate look.

Bright eyes

In the new season, eyes with bright makeup will look especially relevant. Feel free to use blue, yellow, green, and copper shadows. To look incredibly fashionable, do not blend the shadows, do not apply undertones. Only bright pigments and your imagination.

In the LIMONI eyeshadow collection you will find bright, vibrant colors that will help you create incredibly bright, daring makeup. And so that the shadows last all day, do not roll and look perfect, use a base under the shadows.

Be fashionable, be bright, live with pleasure!


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