The pace of the metropolis: where the fashion for comfortable cosmetics came from

01 Apr 2019

The pace of modern life forces us to be constantly on the move and finding a couple of hours to apply a complex make-up for a modern woman is not so easy.

LIMONI is in a hurry to understand the trends for convenient cosmetics and life hacks for applying makeup "on the go"!

A little about high fashion

The modern beauty world is truly split in two: more and more fashion shows are held under the auspices of "makeup without makeup", and world famous stylists are divided into two groups: some follow the trend, others are forced to shock the audience with a shocking make-up on the faces of their models.

But how does this affect everyday life?

The correct answer is that everyday makeup has left its mark on the changes in the world of haute couture. Modern girls and women are no longer some kind of "pretty pictures", but successful and purposeful members of society, occupying major positions, managing their own business and striving to build a career.

They really don't have time for several hours of complex makeup and constant monitoring of its safety.

Add to this the fashion for naturalness and we get a completely reasonable result - modern girls need complex evening make-up less and less, and smooth and healthy skin, coupled with nude-makeup, reigns supreme.

Makeup on the run

No kidding, "makeup on the run" is a real beauty trend with its own characteristics and styles. Just think, according to marketing research, more than 67% of girls prefer to wear makeup in the subway or car!

Still think they just can't organize their morning get-togethers and set aside an hour to put on their makeup? No matter how it is! On average, the road to work for Muscovites takes from 40 to 1.5 hours, which they have to spend in the subway or taxi, so why not spend it on putting on makeup?

This is how a new direction appeared in the beauty industry. Emphasis on comfortable, everyday cosmetics that are easy to take and apply on the go.

Unspoken rules

The peculiarities of applying makeup on the go force us to adhere to a certain unspoken etiquette.

Do not forget that you are surrounded by people and applying make-up should not cause discomfort to others. Therefore, we remember:

  • Exceptionally creamy texture. You are not planning to stain the clothes of other metro passengers with powder particles, do you?
  • Small cosmetic bags or travel kits. You do not need to take all the makeup with you, so try to prepare the necessary products in the evening and fit them into a small travel cosmetic bag.
  • Antibacterial gel is now part of your makeup bag. Do not forget that the subway is a public place, as a result, full of germs. Pay attention to thorough hand disinfection.

Influence on brands

The emergence of such trends affects cosmetics manufacturers as well. More and more specialized means for applying makeup in such conditions are being produced and manufacturers are striving to present their fans with truly convenient and innovative options.

For example, foundations in cushion not only instantly merge with the skin, but also combine a mirror and a convenient application system, without fear of staining yourself or others. Many manufacturers go further and combine several different types of cosmetics in one product at once, saving space in the cosmetic bag.


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