Matting wipes: shine under control!

31 Jan 2019

Shine under control!

An absolute must-have for every girl is matting napkins. Made from highly absorbent natural wood pulp, these small leaves will help maintain your flawless matte T-zone skin tone all day long.

LIMONI matting wipes can be a real salvation for girls with oily skin. And in the summertime, even owners of dry skin use this cosmetic product.

The wipes delicately cleanse the skin from impurities, refresh it, get rid of oily sheen and make it matte and velvety, while leaving the makeup untouched.Party, travel, all day in the office - at any time and in any situation your skin will look perfect. A versatile product suitable for both women and men.

LIMONI matting napkins are packed in a small thin envelope made of thick cardboard, which will always be at hand. The package contains 100 napkins. One napkin, thanks to its excellent absorbency, removes oily sheen and impurities from all over the face. The delicate scent of green tea will cheer you up and give your skin a light scent.

How to use

Gently blot those parts of the face that have a greasy shine with a napkin. Each wipe is intended for single use. Do not use the same tissue twice as this can cause irritation.


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