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31 Mar 2019

LIMONI presents to your attention new makeup brushes. Five must-have makeup brushes. Thanks to good quality brushes, you can make the process of applying makeup much easier, more interesting and more varied.

Beveled brush for face contour correction No44

A brush made of natural goat hair is intended for modeling the oval of the face. The black matte wood handle looks very stylish. The handle fits comfortably in the hand and does not slip while applying makeup.

Eyeshadow Blending Brush # 45

A natural goat hair brush for blending eyeshadows and for applying highlighter locally.

How to use: blend the eyeshadow on the upper eyelid, turning it into a haze. Brush the highlighter on the bridge of the nose, above the upper lip, center of the chin, and under the brow area.

Eyeshadow & Blending Brush # 46

This soft brush made from natural goat hair is designed to apply and blend shadows along the lash line. The handle is made of natural black wood. This brush will take its rightful place in your brush collection.

How to use: Apply eyeshadow or eyeliner with a brush along the lash line and blend.

Eyeshadow brush # 47

A brush made from natural goat hair is intended for applying shadows. The handle is made of natural wood. Black, matte, it looks stylish and fits comfortably in the hand.

How to use: Apply shadows on the upper eyelid using applying movements.

Fine line brush No48

The nylon brush is designed to create fine, crisp lines. How to use: Use a brush to draw fine lines, between the eyelashes, to draw in the lower eyelid.

Brush nap: what's the difference?

Makeup brushes made of natural and artificial bristles. Synthetic-bristled brushes are recommended for applying foundation, correctors, liquid blush, eyeliner, lipstick. Synthetic pile has no pores, so it is easier to clean it from cosmetics. These brushes absorb less moisture, so the skin gets the maximum amount of texture. Natural white goat hair brushes are considered premium. Such brushes look much more aesthetically pleasing than their dark-pile counterparts. Recently, many famous makeup artists use just such brushes. Most often, natural goat hair brushes are used for applying blush, highlighters, sculpting powder and for shading eyeshadows.

You can buy makeup brushes in the online store or in the LIMONI Make-up & Beauty stores.


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