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03 Mar 2017

LIMONI is pleased to present a new product to your attention! The Eye Shadow Base is a unique professional eyelid product that allows you to achieve superior results with ease.

Using LIMONI Eye Shadow Base creates long-lasting makeup that lasts all day long. The shade base prevents roll-off and enhances the brightness of the shades of the eyeshadow. The result from using the Eye Shadow Base meets the requirements of professional makeup artists and connoisseurs of long-lasting makeup.

What is the basis for

And why do you need a base under the shadow? In another way, it is also called a base under the shadow or primer. She is an important part of both everyday and evening makeup. The fact is that during the day, sebum is secreted on the skin of the eyelids, because of this, the shadows roll into the fold of the eyelid, and also ugly, sloppy smudges appear. To prevent this from happening, use a base under the shadow. They act as a kind of bonding element between the surface of the skin and eyeshadow. In addition, the primer allows cosmetics to sparkle with new colors. Comparing the applied shades of eyeshadow with base and without base, you will see the obvious difference. Even the most substandard, pale shadows become bright and attractive.

Economical remedy

LIMONI Eye Shadow Base is a liquid foundation in a pretty bottle in white with a silvery sheen. The handy sponge makes it easy to apply the right amount of primer to your eyelid. After application, gently blend the product over the skin using a patting motion upward from the lash line. After that, feel free to apply makeup. Thanks to the limiter, exactly the amount of base that is needed to create makeup is collected on the sponge. The tool is very economical.

Eye Shadow Base comes in one universal shade to suit all girls. The primer is quick and easy to apply, just as easy to blend. After application, the base under the shadow does not shine, but mattifies the skin.


  • Enhances the brightness of the color
  • Gives firmness
  • Facilitates blending
  • Prevents rolling

You can buy a base for shadows in our online store, in the LIMONI Make-up & Beauty brand stores, as well as in partner stores.


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