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Сollagen Booster Eye Cream contains a high concentration of marine collagen, due to which the skin is smoothed, mimic wrinkles and swelling are eliminated. Sea buckthorn extract nourishes the skin with vitamins and microelements. Vitamin B3 reduces dark circles under the eyes and gives the...
Limoni Snail Repair Eye Cream 25 ml, image
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There is no muscle or fat in the eye area. Therefore, the skin here is the thinnest (in comparison with other parts of the body) and is easily deformed, therefore, age-related changes appear earlier. The Snail Repair Eye Repair cream contains a high concentration of snail secretion extract...
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The cream with snail secretion extract effectively cares for the delicate skin of the eyelids, eliminating mimic wrinkles, dark circles, and also helps to reduce puffiness under the eyes. Snail secretion extract is a unique cosmetic component that stimulates cell regeneration. The adenosine...