Limoni Blender Makeup Sponge Red

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The LIMONI Blender Makeup Sponge is a modern multi-functional accessory for applying creamy and powdery textures of various densities.

  • the pointed tip is intended for working out hard-to-reach places (wings of the nose, inner corners of the eyes, and others)
  • applies textures evenly and without flaws: streaks, streaks and clear boundaries.

Recommendations for use:

  1. Before use, the sponge must be wetted, and it will double in size. Squeeze out with your hands to get rid of excess water, then wrap in a paper towel and squeeze again.
  2. With a sponge, take cosmetics from your hand or palette, and spread with light, pounding movements over the skin.
  3. After use, rinse the sponge with warm water, squeeze lightly, place in the basket and let it dry naturally. The basket support is designed for storing and drying the sponge, extending its service life and making use more hygienic.

Composition: hydrophilic polyurethane. Hypoallergenic.

Does not contain: latex, perfume

How to use

Moisten the sponge with water, squeeze out excess moisture. Use the tip of a sponge to draw on the foundation and use a damp sponge to apply blush, highlighter, sculptors. Care instructions: Rinse the sponge regularly with warm water and detergent. Only dry naturally.


Hydrophilic polyurethane / plastic

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