Snail Intense Care

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The Snail Intense Care Set contains 3 items for facial skin care. Packaged in a beautiful gift box. Favorable price - set advantage!
The 3D fabric mask is impregnated with an essence that contains snail secretion extract, adenosine and collagen.
Limoni Snail Intense Care Sleeping Mask 50 ml, image
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The mask promotes skin regeneration during a night's rest . Due to the content of snail mucus and hyaluronic acid in the extract, it has an anti-stress and moisturizing effect . Shea butter gives the skin a radiance, evens out its relief . The mask has an anti-inflammatory effect ,...
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The cream with snail secretion extract effectively cares for the delicate skin of the eyelids, eliminating mimic wrinkles, dark circles, and also helps to reduce puffiness under the eyes. Snail secretion extract is a unique cosmetic component that stimulates cell regeneration. The adenosine...
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The cream is based on a unique extract of snail secretion, which stimulates cell regeneration and prevents the formation of wrinkles. The formula of the cream is enriched with valuable ingredients, for example, shea butter, which perfectly nourishes and protects the skin . Evening primrose...
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