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Hydrophilic oil is a unique product specially designed to remove all types of makeup: light daytime, bright evening and long-lasting professional. The tool easily removes all types of tonal foundations (powders, tonal creams, BB and CC creams), cleanses pores from impurities and makeup residues. Upon contact with water, the oil turns into the most delicate emulsion, which provides the most comfortable and effective cleansing for all skin types. The oil softens the aggressive effect of hard tap water on the skin. Smoothes the surface of the skin, makes it soft, elastic, and gives a healthy glow.
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The new foam has a double effect: it removes impurities from the surface of the skin and perfectly cleanses the pores. Upon contact with water, the product turns into the most delicate foam that cleanses the skin of daily impurities and makeup residues. Thanks to its unique texture, the foam penetrates the pores, cleaning them and preventing the formation of blackheads. It tightens pores, normalizes the sebaceous glands and makes the skin surface matte. Thanks to the extracts of Japanese styrax and purslane contained in the composition, it has an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and tonic effect. Foam is ideal for daily skin cleansing.
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Lip gloss Rich Color Gloss adds incredible volume to the lips. Creates an even glossy finish. Long-lasting color - long-lasting makeup on your lips. Spreads evenly over the lips. Applying gloss in one layer will give a light shade and accentuate the natural color of the lips, and applying in 2...
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7-piece professional brush set in a gift box. The set includes: Powder & Blush Brush Eyeshadow brush medium Small eyeshadow brush Lip liner brush Eyeliner & Brows Adjustment Brush Eyeshadow applicator brush Brush comb-brush High quality leatherette case Brushes made of...