Antibacterial Hand Gel Cleanelle, 60 ml, 1 piece

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Dirty hands can lead to dire consequences. Microorganisms on them cause E. coli, dysentery, hepatitis and other diseases. It is not always possible to wash your hands, an antiseptic gel will help with this. It has a compact size, you can always carry it with you.

The cosmetic is excellent for disinfecting, since it contains 66% isopropyl alcohol. The gel effectively destroys pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria and viruses.

Cleanelle gel is effective wherever there is a risk of infection by bacteria or viruses. There is no better disinfectant! Features:

  • the gel texture is quickly absorbed;
  • pleasant aroma, gives a refreshing effect;
  • does not require rinsing with water;
  • leaves no sticky residue;
  • economical, does not dry the skin;
  • evenly distributed.

The delicate skin of the hands is exposed to negative external influences, therefore it needs constant care.

Cleanelle Antiseptic Gel Sanitizer is ideal for your hands. It will instantly cleanse all impurities, gently affecting delicate skin. The natural formula is gentle but effective. Even children can use the gel. Does not cause allergies or irritation.

Its formula contains plant extracts and natural ingredients. The key component is vitamin E, which has a positive effect on the skin of the hands:

  • relieves the inflammatory process;
  • intensely moisturizes;
  • restores damaged cells;
  • strengthens the protective barrier;
  • relieves dryness and flaking.

Has a certified composition. You can take care of your hands without leaving your home - the effect is similar to a salon procedure.

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