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Promotion period: from 18 Oct 2023 till 24 Oct 2023

В наборе три средства из серии Collagen в "дорожных" упаковках. Небольшой объём позволяет взять средства с собой в поездку или при посещении спортзала, фитнесс-центра. Идеально подходит для первого знакомства с косметикой Limoni.
High in marine collagen serum is ideal for daily anti-aging skin care. It intensely moisturizes and tightens, improves tone and elasticity, and increases the level of collagen in the skin. The serum also contains a unique component - copper 1 tripeptide, which promotes active skin renewal, and...
The cream contains marine collagen, which has a pronounced lifting effect, smoothes wrinkles and stimulates the production of its own collagen in the skin. Protects the skin from free radicals and aggressive environmental factors, prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Brightens pigmentation and...
Обьём, мл50
Firming tissue eye patches with collagen: rejuvenate and increase skin elasticity nourish and moisturize the skin around the eyes fight dark circles and puffiness protect against aggressive urban environment have a calming effect Main active ingredients marine collagen papaya...
Collagen Face Set + Masks (Face cream, eye cream, serum, 6 masks), image
Save 1%
The Face Set + Masks contains four Collagen products for facial skin care. Favorable price plus a beautiful box as a gift!
The set contains three products from the Collagen series in travel packages. A small amount allows you to take funds with you on a trip or when visiting a gym, fitness center. Ideal for your first exposure to Limoni cosmetics.
Сollagen Booster Eye Cream contains a high concentration of marine collagen, due to which the skin is smoothed, mimic wrinkles and swelling are eliminated. Sea buckthorn extract nourishes the skin with vitamins and microelements. Vitamin B3 reduces dark circles under the eyes and gives the...
A sheet mask with collagen moisturizes and tightens dry skin.
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