Berenice Nail Polish 29 Ambrosian Rose

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OXYGEN NAIL POLISH is a unique oxygenated nail polish developed in Switzerland. 2-in-1 product: color varnish and nail care in one bottle.

29 Ambrosian Rose is an elegant pearl pink lacquer with subtle tints.

The innovative formula allows oxygen, moisture vapor and beneficial ingredients in the care products to penetrate through the varnish to the nails, thereby preserving their beauty and health. The double plasticizer included in the composition makes the coating more flexible, allowing it to adapt to the shape of the nails, thanks to which the varnish lasts up to 10 days. The professional flat brush ensures perfect adhesion to the nail surface and the application of varnish.

RECOMMENDED for all types of nails, in particular for damaged and thin nails.
RESULT: beautiful, well-groomed nails.
APPLICATION: Apply one or two thin coats of varnish. It is recommended to use BERENICE oxygen varnishes with OXYGEN BASE oxygen base and OXYGEN TOP COAT oxygen top from BERENICE

BERENICE Oxygen Nail Polish is a healthy alternative to traditional varnishes that block the passage of oxygen and moisture into the nail. Unique technology has allowed to create a collection of varnishes that allow nails to breathe. The penetration of moisture and oxygen occurs due to an innovative coating based on a complex of resins of a new generation, nitrocellulose, as well as a conductor agent.

The varnish is produced using the 5 Free technology, which guarantees that it is free from harmful components such as toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resins, phthalates and camphor.



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