Long-lasting, liquid, matte! New Lipstick from Limoni

31 Oct 2018

Matte lipsticks have been favorites for several seasons. Therefore, almost every girl has such cosmetic products in her cosmetic bag. Liquid lipsticks with a creamy texture are very popular. The handy soft applicator makes them easy to apply. It is liquid lipsticks that are considered more stable. They are great for girls who do not have the opportunity to frequently correct their makeup during the day.

Long-lasting color

The novelty from LIMONI will delight you with a long-lasting color. You don't have to touch up your makeup, even after a snack. Matte Lip Cream with a creamy texture meets all the requirements that girls have for such lipsticks. One of the main benefits is shea butter, which is part of the lipstick. It is thanks to this component that Matte Lip Cream perfectly moisturizes the lips, making them soft. And as you know, this moment is one of the most important when choosing a matte lipstick. After all, many girls are faced with the problem of dry lips after applying this product.

Ultra-durable formula

Matte Lip Cream has an ultra-long-lasting pigmented formula that provides high coverage. Another feature of the new lipstick - when applied, it has a glossy effect, and after drying it acquires a matte velvety finish. The novelty from LIMONI will add elegance and chic to your look.

Matte Lip Cream is available in seven rich shades - from elegant nude to classic red. You can buy liquid matte lipstick in the online store or in LIMONI Make-up & Beauty stores.


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